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    Our main aim  to provide original alphonso mangoes with Carbide and chemicle free ripen. most of shoppers selling into name of ratnagiri but they are not. so you can start selling our original alphonso mango which Carbide and chemicle free ripen. Contact us now fore more details 9867937456

    Yes!!!  Now you can become partner with group of farmers. Due to high demand of original Ratnagiri alphonso mangoes, there are to much bulk order and food mall enquiries coming!!!!   So we require good investor to invest our system. There are big ROI(return of investment) plan. Call us n0w   prasad jadhav  +91 9867937456

    are you farmer from Pawas, Ratnagiri???  Than contact us, we will sale your best quality mangoes with our system. beacuse we are group of farmers and we want big unity on this system to brake broker system. if you want to build your own farmer unity system thant you are doubol welcome. fix a meeting with us, we will teach you all system in easy language.  Call: 9867937456

    Bulk Enquiries always welcome!!! with our friendly system you can get easily your order. but you need to inform us before. we can't give you urgent basis delivery. when you order from us, we will give you best quality,size, rippen and handdling info free of cost.  Than please welcome you on phone call  9867937456