About Us

Krushi Ratna award winner. 100% guaranteed carbide and chemical free ripen mangoes of Ratnagiri.

We are since from 2012 online also 60 year as a traditional.


To be the number one Mango seller in India by selling organic, juicy, and farm fresh Alphonso mangoes and touching people’s live by delivering excellent customer service and executing business in an ethically sound manner.


We intend to change the experience of Mango Lovers with organic and best Alphonso. We aspire to connect with small farmers so they can get their well-deserved cash and end of broker framework. We also want to build a strong people-orientated culture, corporate philosophy to create a performance-focused working environment and excellent customer service.


Providing a platform for the small scale farmers where they can share the best quality of Alphonso. Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers .To act responsibly, ensure safety of our customers. Honouring nature at every turn of business.

Who We Are

We are selling mangoes online from 2013 and offline since 1980. We are one of the first online mango seller with best ecommerce technique. We are small group of mango farmers in Ratnagiri. We sell our Mangoes direct to your home.



Mango broker was take mangoes from us, they collect 3-4x benefit from our mango and giving us very low rate to our mango. So we decided to go directly in customer’s home, that’s reason we start https://ratnagirimango.com


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