Artificial Vs Organic Mangoes

How can one distinguish between artificially ripened mangoes and organically grown ones?

Organic mangoes are sold in organic shops or through people who specify that there mangoes are organic. But even so there is a need to be able to tell the difference between an artificially ripened mango and natural one. Taste is the easiest way. Once you have eaten organic mangoes you won’t feel like eating non organic ones.’ Other distinguishing factors are:

Color: In an artificially ripened mango there will be patches of green. These patches will be clearly distinguishable from the yellow and unlike a naturally ripened mango it will not have a uniform blend of yellow and green. Another sign is that the mango will have an unnaturally bright yellow colour when compared to a naturally ripened mango.

Taste: When you eat an artificially ripened mango you will feel a slight burning in the mouth. Some people may even experience severe reactions like a stomach ache, diarrhea and burning down the throat.

Texture and color of the pulp: When you cut open a naturally ripened mango the pulp will a bright reddish-yellow, which is uniform. In the case of an artificially ripened mango it will be a light and dark yellow, indicating that it is not fully ripe. The comparison lies in the fact that the mango will look completely ripe from the outside but it will not be so on the inside.

Juice: Another indicator is that when you cut a naturally ripened mango, you will find that it will be sweet and have a lot of juice. In the case of artificially ripened mangoes, there will be little or no juice. This is because the ethyl that naturally ripens a mango produces juice, which cannot be formed when the mango is artificially ripened.

What are the ill-effects of artificially ripened mangoes?

Chemicals and pesticides cause a variety of diseases, some of the ill effects, they are known hormone disruptors leading to an increase in the number of hormonal diseases today like hypothyroid, polycstic ovaries, diabetes etc. Apart from that, they have been known to lead to Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and worst of all are passed on from mother to child via breast milk.

Is it possible to get rid of the chemicals by washing them properly or eating them without the outer skin?

Perhaps a small part but not a large enough amount of it. Wash the fruits well but you will still feel the burning sensation and carry all the ill effects.

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