Group-society order / Reseller(विक्रेता ) : 

Current price: Rs.3300/- per Peti for society

Minimum Order: 5 Nos.  peti for society

Inside Peti Quantity Details are below:

4 Dozens (260 to 300 grm each)

5 dozens(210 to 260 Grm each)

6 Dozens(170-210 grm each)

Transport: Rs. 200+ raiway parcel

Delivery on Society Gate not on door.

Location Status:

Mumbai:  available   (include New Mumbai,Thane,Vasai-Virar and till Kalyan.

Pune: Sarting soon

Kolhapur: Starting Soon.

Ahmedabad: Starting Soon.

All india’s Major stations


  • Ones order can not cancel
  • Payment Terms will decide on conversation.
  • Sometimes we cancel the order due to low crops.
  • We provide Best Off best mangoes, but your all responsibility to care.
  • We Will Not replace or adjust in amount.

Call: 9867937456