How to identify original Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango

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Here we are sharing details about price, purchase and skills to identify the original Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango.

First, we discuss why we need to search for the original mango.

        Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango is so expensive in comparison with other fruits. That is the main simple reason!! Traders want to earn more revenue from Ratnagiri alphonso mango, then they mix-up other local mangoes and sell them in the name of Ratnagiri. Common thought is, farmers harvest mangoes from farms and send them to wholesale markets like New Mumbai APMC, Pune Market Yard APMC or Ahmedabad. But Ratnagiri’s farmers mangoes were already pre booked with a good price to another reseller, thereafter only few stocks left to sell and that time also other local mangoes arrived on the same movement. So, Hard to identify the original Ratnagiri.

Feel Like high price: No, First know about some details of farmers; From June to Feb farm work cycle completion, harvesting started with extraordinary work, means we already discussed about previous paragraph. Ratnagiri has not become premium only with sweetness, aroma and quality. There is also a requirement to fulfill alphonso mango requirement. Packaging with perfect wooden box and other imp packaging material, pack with size weight and need to match timing of before 4-5 A.M.   to get the best market price. That is why other local mangoes fail because they don’t have knowledge or even quality.

So, we are coming to our main point, about identifying authentic Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes.

  1. A) feel the mango: Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango skin or shell is very thin, then feel the smoothness, mango is too warm. It’s happening in the naturally  ripening process.
  2. Colors: hapus look yellow bottom side and lite saffron color from top when ripen.
  3. Packaging: We Ratnagiri farmers hard wooden box which is almost 1 kg+ for packaging, Rice grass which is mostly found in the konkan area. Another bonus trick is to find Marathi Newspaper, because we read Marathi newspaper after use them layering into box.
  4. If you are from Mumbai-Pune, try to go with your Konkani friend for alphonso shopping.
  5. Most of the Ratnagiri, Konkan region people settled in Mumbai, They bring alphonso from there own farm to sell mangoes metro cities, Mumbai, New Mumbai, Pune and other location, so try to purchase original alphonso mango from them.
  6. Find farmers from Ratnagiri to purchase alphonso directly from the farm, sometimes you need to arrange transportation.

   Here we have an option to choose authentic Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango. We are a small group of farmers Located proper in Ratnagiri.  We deliver mango to all over India by using the service of our courier partners, you also can see our dispatching location when you are tracking mango orders. Don’t forget to visit our farm in Ratnagiri.



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