Alphonso mango 1kg price

When you plan to buy Alphonso mangoes, you will find the price in dozens, not in 1kg!

 Here, we give you some reasons for that.

Alphonso, or Hapus Mango, is the king of all mangos. This is not only one reason; there are too many reasons for that. In comparison to other mangoes, Ratnagiri or Devgad Alphonso mango shells are too thin. For this reason, mangoes can’t be transported to long-distance destinations. If mangoes fall down to even 1- or 2-foot height, they will suffer damage or quality loss. So, Alphonso mangoes have a good value in the market, so farmers can afford a wooden box for transportation. Also, they can use corrugated boxes, but due to the high volume of boxes in trucks, they can’t survive the load. Here traditionally, the system started and farmers fixed mangoes in the box in dozens, e.g., 4 dozens weighing 270 to 320 grams in 1 box, 5 dozens weighing 210 to 270 grams, and the same with 6, 7, and 8 dozens with fruit size. This is a heavy-duty wooden box with dry rice farming grass to get the best-quality mangoes ripening with taste, aroma, and perfect ripening. That’s why alphonso or hapus mango is called King. Are you still wanting to buy mangoes in 1, 2, or 3 kg? than mango, the cost will be low because there is no handling or packaging cost. If they also put it in a normal box without safety, they will surely go to the dustbin, and we will never do that. So don’t forget to visit us in Ratnagiri to learn about packaging.


mango wooden box

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