Best place to buy mangoes online

Alphonso or haapus mango grown lot of Indian places. because of Hapus mango belongs to the family of fruits. But quality and also origin of alphonso mango is Konkan area of Maharashtra. Konkan costal place is too many or only suitable for alphonso mango because of red soil, temperature, sea side wind, Rain and also more reasons for that. In over India you ask to buy alphonso mango, seller will give you mangoes into name of Ratnagiri or Devgad, even they are not. if you are real mango lover than you will understand about the mango. sometimes that mango will be original of Ratnagiri or Devgad, because mango farmers have too much connection to sell mangoes like relatives, friends sometimes they own. but you have a right choice to buy mangoes online. you can order us online we supply mangoes all over India by using our online system. Don’t forget to visit our mango orchard in Ratnagiri.