wholesale mango

Current price: Update Soon

Wholesale mango supply: We supply our mangoes almost all major cities in India. e.g. Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Banglore, Chennai and lucknow by railway parcel. It means all major Railway Stations of India.

Area we supply regular basic below:

Mumbai, include (Navi Mumbai – Thane – Vasai -Virar – Kalyan- dombivali) Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Kolhapur.

Minimum Order: 10 Nos.  Peti for society

Inside 1 Peti Quantity Details are below:

4 Dozens (260 to 300 grm each)


5 dozens(210 to 260 Grm each)


6 Dozens(170-210 grm each)

Transport: Rs. 200 to 600 Per Peti


  • Ones order can not cancel
  • Payment will full advance
  • Sometimes we cancel the order due to low crops.
  • We provide Best Off best mangoes, but your all responsibility to care.
  • We Will Not replace or adjust in amount.
  • Ones order done, Dispatch after 2 day later…



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