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hapus mango with flowering
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In this post, we are discussing Hapus mango, alphonso mango, Hapus keri or alphonso kairy. Some people in there’s busy time, they are confused in end point of purchase decision and we faced queries about that on our website in last 11 year.

Below is simple information for a solution.

          Hapus mango means Alphonso Mango also means ‘hapus kery’ or ‘kairy’. All are similar words, because mango is fruit and alphonso is a variety of mango. Alphonso mango derived its name from Portuguese general Afonso (alphonso) de Albuquerque, who grew the Hapus mango plant in Ratnagiri and other regions of Maharashtra. Too much-loved taste, aroma and quality of hapus mango they species were spread by using grafting technique. Also note, Alphonso mango can’t come from seed. Thereafter locally called Hapus for Alphonso Mango. In the region of Gujarat, they call it ‘Hapus kery’, Here kery stands for mango. But in Maharashtra, ‘Kairy’ means raw mango. If you are satisfied with our info, share your feedback with us. 

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