Organic Alphonso Mango

  organic alphonso hapus

 Organic Alphonso/Hapus Mango Ripening technique.     

        We use Organic Ripening technique which has been used for almost 100+ years. In that technique we use dry rice grass,Newspaper for maintaining the gap between 2 layers and a proper wooden box for handling air circulation. With this organic technique, Alphonso mango ripening process becomes much easier and suitable for the king of mango.There perfect Alphonso/Hapus plugging harvesting is too important for that, if you fail into that,then Alphonso can’t ripen naturally. With this organic technique, it takes a long time for that, the final result will be with perfect aroma,taste,color and also good for health. in this organic ripening technique mangoes, all mangoes don’t ripe ones, They ripe randomly. We are farmers and we learned this technique from the old generation. We know our mangoes closely from organic ripening so we don’t need to use any chemical or other option. So how do you like our organic Hapus ripening technique? send feedback to us on

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